TUTI Capabilities

The Urban Transport Institute was a recognised world leader in the design, conduct and analysis of large-scale urban travel surveys. Dr. Tony Richardson is lead author of a major textbook on Travel Survey Methodology, while TUTI (and its predecessor organisation - the Transport Research Centre) had conducted over twenty large-scale urban travel surveys in Australia and New Zealand over the past 20 years.

All TUTI travel surveys were designed, conducted and documented according to a comprehensive Travel Survey Process, developed by TUTI over many years. 

The Travel Survey process recognises that the conduct of a survey is not an informal procedure. Rather, it should follow a series of logical, interconnected steps which progress toward the final end-product of the survey.

TUTI had developed and refined a Travel Survey Methodology that has been
successfully deployed in many Australian and New Zealand cities over the past 10 years.

To manage the logistics of large-scale travel surveys, TUTI had developed a software program, HotSpot (Household Travel Survey Program for Operational Techniques), which controlled the production of survey materials, the preparation of progress reports, the calculation of staff payrolls, and the tracking of the project's time and cost performance for comparison with the Project Plan developed in Microsoft Project.

TUTI had also developed a powerful data entry and editing program, Speedit (Survey Program for Entry & Editing of Data Involving Travel), which performed on-the-fly geocoding to longitude/latitude, thereby facilitating much more comprehensive editing capabilities during the data entry process.

TUTI was also at the forefront of developments in applying New Technologies to travel surveys. They had considerable experience in using GPS in travel surveys, and had developed iPad Apps for use in field operations. Unfortunately, all of these iPad Apps were used only in the final survey conducted for the Queensland Department of Transport, and never had the opportunity of being used in those surveys which had already been contracted to TUTI (until the contracts were broken by the incoming Newman government).

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